About Me

"A jewel is a benevolent talisman. A marker of time that holds our memories. We receive it; we pass it on. It is also a gift that we offer ourselves. A knowing wink to all those small victories in life that deserve to be celebrated. "– Marie Wauters
In 2021 during the pandemic, I fulfilled a dream that I have had all my life: to create a range of jewelry that is a reflection of myself. All the jewelry is handcrafted in Belgium in 18-carat gold enhancing the precious stones that I have chosen especially for you. I named it ELICHA, a contraction of the first names of my two children: the gems of my eyes.
As long ago as I can remember, I have been fascinated by gems and jewelry; they make me dream. As a child, I collected all kinds of stones. I found them all around me: in nature and at markets. I looked for odd shapes. I observed their colours and brightness.
My passion was just a hobby for a long time. As soon as I could, I started creating fantasy jewelry for myself and my friends. If I saw a ring or a necklace, I was always attracted to the gemstone. In my head, I would imagine new designs to fit the stone and the new creations that I would wear.
Even today, when I design my jewelry, the colourful gems are the driving force behind my inspiration. The gems that I chose with my heart are all certified and set by an artisan jeweler in Belgium.
My favorite stones are aquamarines whose blue tones evoke lagoons and enchanting islands. I also have a preference for tourmalines and sapphires, which are often blue but can be found in all the colours of the rainbow.
To ensure that my jewelry accompanies you at all the moments of your life, both for important occasions as well as small victories, I have imagined exceptional rings and necklaces that are unique but also signature pieces that can be worn alone or combined together according to your heart’s desire.
I hope you will love my jewels as much as I love designing them.

 - Marie